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Rosewood: Hope Prevails

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In 1923, a prosperous black town in Florida was burned to the ground, its people hunted and murdered, all because a white woman falsely claimed that a black man sexually assaulted her. This woman's husband knew deep down she was a tramp but chose not to face up to it. Shocking to learn another man who initiated,ignited the townspeople to violently react in this manner was aware of the truth from the beginning.

Hard to watch but a excellent movie. Great acting and story line that's difficult to watch. The movie demonstrates just how cruel people can be when it comes racism. I'm a movie buff but had never seen this film. Heart wrenching to watch one human being treating another like an animal. Sparing no one, burying those they killed in a mass grave. The terrible acts that were committed reminded me of the horrible, mind boggling history of the holocaust.

One shining light was the young child who lost respect for his cruel, prejudiced father teaching him to follow in his footsteps by example utilizing bullying tactics. This man was the worst of them all.