Ease Students into Programming


Online Turbo HAL and Logic Rally


This 10-15 minute talk will direct students and teachers to the Turbo HAL multimedia diorama and booth in the gym.

Participants in this demonstration will be shown three distinctive online programs Ė

Turbo Hal-Beginners, Turbo Hal-Intermediate/Advanced, and Logic Rally.

These programs are designed to introduce programming and logical reasoning skills to students 2nd-4th grades (Elementary HAL)
and 5th-8th grades (Turbo HAL Intermediate and Advanced).

The Turbo HAL home page may be found at:


The first program was designed for elementary school students and introduces only sequence programming of primitives,
but does introduce the two types of programming errors. Turbo HAL must be programed to move through a maze by the
student to fetch a beeper and return to his space ship.

The URL for the beginners:


The Second Program that expands the programming skills from sequence only to adding selection and repetition
routines to program to aid the robot to complete his/her task will less programming code. Also, the student is allowed to
design her/his own maze to program HALís to success.

The URL for the Intermediate/Advanced program is:


Emphasis will be placed on the newest program: Logic Rally.

The URL for this newest application is:

The instructions for this program may be found at:

Neither of the programs require plug-in as they are written in HTML and JavaScript. Students may create
their own mazes, write solutions to these mazes using sequence, selection and/or repetition coding options.
Students may create up to nine procedures/modules in the coding. Logical and syntax errors are easily demonstrated.
Program is saved, sent to the instructor and may be accessed by others without or without the solutions
. Links to all the programs, as well as PowerPoint presentations and background information about the programs, are demonstrated. 

K-12 teachers and college instructors may request Professor Taylor (and maybe some college student helpers) to give 30, 45,
or 60 minute interactive lessons in their classrooms on any Friday during the school day and the school year in and around Duval County.
Teachers may make an appointment for their class or school visitation with Professor Taylor at his booths during the Festival
or contact him via email, cell phone voice or text messages.

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