The World of Chemistry Video Tapes (1989)

Tape #3: Measurement

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1.    (5:30) Explain the Demonstration of True Value!





2.    (7:30) What is the standard kilogram? Where is it kept?




3.    How is the measurement accomplished in measuring the nutrition content in a standard diet?




4.    (13:40) How do we measure liquid concentration? What is titration?




5.    (16:30) How do we measure very small concentration in liquid? Describe what mercury poisoning does to the body? What is the maximum amount of Mercury allowed in our waters? What is a spectrophotometer?







6.    (22:00) Explain the impact of fluoride in drinking water? What is fluorosis? Does the Colorado Brown Stain impact the body negatively?  



Just for fun Watch Ma & Pa Kettle doing the math:

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